GOT7’s Mark Tuan Kicks Off “2022 ‘The Other Side’ North American Tour”

It’s just getting started!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan has officially kicked off his anticipated North American tour.

Mark Tuan | DNA

On August 26, Mark released his debut solo album the other side. Previously, he released a series of singles, including “last breath,” “my life,” “lonely,” “save me,” and “imysm.”

Shortly after the album’s announcement, Mark Tuan revealed he would also be embarking on a solo North American tour across 16 states. While he has toured for years with GOT7, it is his first as a solo act.

Now, Mark has finally kicked off his anticipated 2022 the other side North American Tour. It started with his show in San Antonio, Texas, at the Aztec Theater on October 3.

In just one night, lots of memories were made. Mark even gave one lucky fan a tattoo design.

Another gifted him handmade gifts, which he loved so much that one was featured on his Instagram.

And, of course, there were priceless moments for Ahgases, like when Mark imitated Jackson Wang‘s iconic song “Papillion.”

There are tickets still available for some dates, so don’t miss the opportunity to join Mark on his first solo tour! This is only the beginning.

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