GOT7’s Mark Tuan And BamBam’s True Relationship Is Reflected In Mark’s Latest Post

They are true friendship goals!

The GOT7 members are all incredibly close, like a true family. Yet, one of Ahgases’ favorite friendships within the group is between Mark Tuan and BamBam. And their great friendship is clearly reflected by Mark’s latest Instagram update.

GOT7’s BamBam (left) and Mark Tuan (right).

While Mark is the oldest member and BamBam is the second to youngest, they are very close. Some Ahgases even say that BamBam is his “baby” due to the age gap. When they first met, BamBam was very young (and small). So, we can understand how that may be the case.


Of course, BamBam is a grown man now. Still, that doesn’t change how the members feel about him.

So, Ahgases noticed some wholesome moments featuring BamBam, included in Mark’s recent post.

Mark Tuan posted a photo dump, a series of photos and/or videos shared in one Instagram post, of his recent schedules in Korea, and his caption reflects that. Two out of the six things he shared included BamBam.

Firstly, he shared the moment in which the GOT7 members celebrated BamBam’s birthday by smearing whipped cream on his face!

Ahgases also noticed how a member patted BamBam’s head, proving he truly is their maknae alongside Yugyeom!

Some are speculating the hand’s owner is either leader Jay B or Jackson Wang.

This was the same debate since the first video shared of BamBam’s birthday.

Additionally, Mark shared a heartwarming moment in which it looks like BamBam is giving him a back hug or possibly realigning his back. BamBam in his chiropractor era?

So, after all of the years, nothing has changed between Mark and BamBam!



♬ see tình spedup – gjnk

They are still as close as ever.

Yet, some Ahgases also speculate if there’s a reason behind Mark’s inclusion of the BamBam videos. Could there be a collaboration or a “MarkBam” sub-unit soon?

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