GOT7’s Mark Tuan And Jackson Wang Are Taking Over Luxury Fashion Brands Ralph Lauren And Fendi

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GOT7 and fashion are pretty much synonymous.

Each member has their own unique sense of style that makes them stand out from the crowd. They’re not afraid to take risks.

From left: Mark Tuan, Yugyeom, Jinyoung, Youngjae, Jackson Wang, BamBam, and Jay B of GOT7 | JYP Entertainment

And being also from one of the biggest K-Pop groups, they are highly influential.

So, naturally, all the biggest fashion brands in the world want them. And, some are lucky enough to have a member rock their clothes.

From left: Mark Tuan, Jackson Wang, and BamBam

GOT7’s Mark Tuan especially has become a fashionista.

Mark Tuan

He even designs his own apparel. Recently, he released his XC3 collection. Additionally, he assists his sister Tammy for their family clothing brand, 3rd Sibling.

Not only is he a fashion designer in his own right, Mark proved he has what it takes to even be a runway model by rocking high heels at Rick Owens‘ 2022 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week. Not everyone can pull off such a look, yet he owned it!

Rick Owens is not the only designer inviting Mark Tuan to his events. In November 2021, Mark was a guest at Saint Laurent‘s event, YSL Rive Droite Art Basel Miami Beach 2021. Yet again, he became the main event, rocking runway fashion better than any model could.

The latest designer head over heels for Mark Tuan? It’s none other than Ralph Lauren.

The American fashion company named for the designer is known for representing Americana as it is Team USA Olympic and Paralympic official partner. Recently, Lauren’s official Twitter account shared photos of Mark from the November issue of The Laterals as he was dressed in a suit from the “Purple Label” collection.

Mark is not the only GOT7 rapper beloved by fashion designers. Jackson Wang, of course, is no stranger to representing brands as spokesperson or ambassador despite being a fashion designer himself to his own company, TEAM WANG.

Jackson Wang | TEAM WANG

Fendi once again reminded us who the “Fendiman” is by releasing a new photoshoot of Jackson Wang to the brand’s official socials.

In this, it was announced that Jackson is Fendi Men’s Collection Spokesperson and the star of their campaign in the launch of the “Fendi Spring Festival capsule collection.”

Fendi’s new release is for Lunar New Year and includes creative tiger-inspired designs to represent the Year of the Tiger. So, who better to celebrate the new year with than Jackson Wang!

This is not only “Jackson Wang from China” but the “Fendiman” we’re talking about here, after all.

We certainly can’t think of better men to represent such iconic luxury fashion brands.

Source: Fendi and Ralph Lauren

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