GOT7’s Mark Tuan To Release New Single “Save Me”

One step closer to an album!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan is proving again that Ahgase is one of the most well-fed fandoms!

GOT7’s Mark Tuan | @marktuan/Twitter

Mark recently released his heartfelt single “lonely.” Now, he is preparing to release another single…

Mark Tuan announced via his official company account that a new single titled “save me” would be released in a week on April 7 at midnight (EST), and it’s available to pre-save now. He has yet to release any teasers other than cover art at this time.

Mark also revealed that there will be another visualizer for “save me” as there was for “lonely.”

Mark Tuan has released many singles since he departed from JYP Entertainment. Could “One In A Million,” “my life,” “last breath,” “lonely,” and “save me” soon be released together in an album?

Previously, Mark Tuan teased the release of “lonely” and “save me” after asking fans which song they would prefer him to release. Read more about it below:

GOT7’s Mark Tuan Wasn’t Sure Which New Song To Release So He’s Going To Release Both

Source: @dnaofficial

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