GOT7’s Mark Tuan Wasn’t Sure Which New Song To Release So He’s Going To Release Both

His mom had something to say, though…

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan is soon releasing not one but two new songs!

GOT7โ€™s Mark Tuan | @marktuan/Instagram

Yesterday, Mark tweeted that he was “in a dilemma.” He wasn’t sure what to release for his next single.

Fans attempted to help him out. Many voted, using Twitter’s poll feature.

Some interpreted Mark’s question to mean that he was struggling to pick a title. So, they suggested an alternative.

Yet, Mark actually had two songs prepared and just wasn’t sure which one to release first. His fellow member BamBam was one of these who also suggested an alternative.

Now, Mark has revealed that he will actually be releasing two new songs! “Save Me” and “Lonely” are different songs.

Although most Ahgases voted for “Save Me,” Mark will release “Lonely” first. It will drop next week while “Save Me”‘s release date is still to be determined.

While the announcement of two new songs shook some Ahgases, others, particularly his own mother, were shook by the language used!

He’s a free man now for sure, guys!

Source: @marktuan


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