GOT7’s Mark Tuan Asks Twitter For Help Choosing His Next Single, And BamBam Has A Creative Suggestion

BamBam has the solution to his dilemma.

After successfully releasing his previous singles “My Life” and “Last Breath,” GOT7‘s Mark Tuan turned to Ahgases on Twitter to ask for suggestions on what his next single should be. And fellow member (and Twitter king) BamBam had a rather creative suggestion!

| @marktuan/Instagram

Mark recently saw himself having to clear up the fact that he had, in fact, informed his members that he was going to Korea after Jay B jokingly called him out for not telling him of his arrival. Mark confirmed that he had not only informed his members, but that he’d also suggested meeting up when they had time.

Mark was the last member of GOT7 to arrive in Korea this month, as all seven members have now been confirmed to be there, including Jackson Wang. BamBam, however, is insisting that Mark and Jackson are only in Korea for leisure, even though he himself spoiled GOT7’s reported comeback (on more than one occasion).

| @BamBAm1A/Twitter

While BamBam claims that he might not get to see Mark while he’s in Korea, he couldn’t resist putting in his two cents when Mark asked Twitter what his next single should be. Mark said that he’s currently in a dilemma, and he asked for Ahgases opinion on which option to go for with his next single, “Save Me” or “Lonely.”

Creative as ever, BamBam replied to Mark’s tweet telling him to mix them together to get “Safely.”

And he wasn’t the only one who had that instinct! Some Ahgases replied with their own hilariously creative blends…

Though others feel like it’s too hard to pick one!

Ideally, of course, both would be good. Though it would also be fun to see Mark take on BamBam’s idea! Hopefully Ahgases will be able to see the members interact in person as well, especially given that they’re all in Korea. And as BamBam himself has claimed before, all the members being in Korea simultaneously is very likely to mean a comeback!

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