GOT7’s Mark Tuan Shows His True Personality Upon Finding Out That Fans Were Scammed Tickets

He was not happy!

Increasingly, more and more people are being taken advantage of and scammed by not only concert ticket resellers but those who claim to have tickets for sale but then don’t provide authentic tickets.

Sometimes, people don’t even find out until they try to enter the venue. So, they then have to go purchase a ticket at the box office to try still to catch the show. As for those who attempted to buy VIP or VVIP tickets, they’re entirely out of luck.

GOT7’s Mark Tuan in Chicago | @dnaofficial/Twitter

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan discovered that many of his fans were falling victim to this scam at his recent concert.

Mark Tuan is currently on his first solo tour, 2022 the other side North American Tour. His latest concert was at the First Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on October 25.


Mark had heard that someone got scammed for a VIP ticket. He was shocked to hear how many people had gotten scammed.

You got scammed for VIP? People getting scammed out here for tickets?

— Mark Tuan

He had heard before that someone got scammed. Mark was visibly disappointed to hear about it.

Oh, was that you?! I heard some– That was your friend that got… Oh.

— Mark Tuan

While they’ll unfortunately never be able to receive the same benefits unless they manage to get VVIP or VIP for another concert, Mark still wanted to do something to help make up for it. So, he told them to give him their phone, and he took a selfie with them.

Here, give me your phone.

— Mark Tuan

VIP or VVIP tickets included many benefits, such as exclusive merchandise, soundcheck, and photo op. So, he tried to at least still get them a photo with him!


After that, many individuals in the crowd began saying they were scammed, now hoping for a selfie with Mark. He teased them about it.

Huh? Are you guys just saying that now? You got scammed too? Everybody’s gonna start saying they got scammed too.

— Mark Tuan

Still, Mark offered to take one more picture with a fan, recognizing that some were genuinely scammed.

Alright, last one, last one!

— Mark Tuan

He genuinely felt bad for those fans who had been scammed. So, he delivered a message to those responsible for scamming them.

I feel bad for you guys. F*ck these scammers.

— Mark Tuan

Watch the full video below.


Not @Mark Tuan getting scammed twice at his own show for photos 🤪 #marktuan #theotherside #tour #minneapolis #firstave

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