GOT7 Members And Jay Park Show Their Support For Jay B Ahead Of His Solo EP Release

He’s got the most supportive crew behind him!

GOT7‘s Jay B is preparing for the release of his first solo EP SOMO:FUME (it’s tomorrow!) and has been excitedly posting on social media this week in anticipation.

He’s not the only one, however, that is especially excited about the EP. His members and best friends have been sharing their excitement on social media too.

Jay B had posted the track preview of his EP SOMO:FUME on his Instagram account. And fans were excited to get a sneak preview!

But we all know who all are truly his biggest fans… GOT7! Youngjae showed up in the comments, showing his support.


— Youngjae

| @333cyj333/Instagram

Jay B even responded a few hours later, suggesting they hang out this weekend! Literally, they have the best friendship.

Let’s hang out this Friday!

— Jay B


Youngjae also most recently posted a screenshot from the teaser for Jay B’s “B.T.W” MV. He also tagged him along with the release date!

| @333cyj333/Instagram

Youngjae isn’t the only member either who was showing their support in the comment section. Yugyeom also left some fire emojis!

| @yugyeom/Instagram

Get you supportive besties like GOT7!


— Jay B


A few days ago, Mark Tuan also responded to one of Jay B’s posts about the EP on Twitter. He said that he was waiting for the album (same). It looks like he won’t have to wait much longer!

And, of course, someone is trying to get an award for best boss this year. Jay Park, who also is featured on “B.T.W,” commented on Jay B’s post on the teaser video.


He’s hyping up Jay B’s new EP like crazy on Twitter, too (as he should).

Seriously, if you look at Jay Park’s latest tweets, it’s entirely about Jay B. Honestly, at this point, if your account doesn’t look like a whole Jay B stan account right now, what are you doing?

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