GOT7 Members Congratulate Youngjae With Video Messages For His First Solo Fanmeeting In Thailand

He was so touched!

On Saturday, March 19, GOT7‘s Youngjae held his first solo fanmeeting in Bangkok, Thailand, Nice To Meet Ars. 

It was a very special event as Youngjae reunited with Ahgases.

Youngjae at fanmeeting. | @YOUNGJAExArs/Twitter

Not only that but some of his fellow members shared special messages for him! Youngjae was surprised and responded while watching, “Why are you doing this to me?” 

The first video message was from Yugyeom. He shared his congratulations for Youngjae, wishing for him to make memories with Ahgases.

Hi, everyone! I’m GOT7’s Yugyeom. Congratulations to Youngjae hyung for your first solo fanmeeting in Thailand. I hope you’ll spend a good time and make good memories with the fans. Fighting! Bye bye.

— Yugyeom

Yugyeom | @youngandlynn/Twitter

Leader Jay B sent a heartfelt message for Youngjae in honor of the fanmeeting. He also promised to visit Thai Ahgases.

Hello! I’m GOT7’s Jay B. Congratulations for Youngjae’s fanmeeting in Thailand. I really want to put the mask off and talk, but since I’m outside now, so I have to wear it. Please understand.

I’m really proud of Youngjae that he can hold his fanmeeting in Thailand like this. I think this is the event that Thai fans will love too, so I hope you can enjoy your time happily with Youngjae and make good memories.

I will also come to meet you there when I have chance. So please look forward to it, and please also send Youngjae lots of love. Thank you!  Please love my little brother.

— Jay B

Jay B | @youngandlynn/Twitter

Mark Tuan sent his congratulations. He also asked for Youngjae to bring back his super sexy aegyo!

Hi, everyone! This is Mark. Youngjae-ya! Congrats on your fanmeeting in Thailand! Yay! Really, spend a good time with the fans. Make good memories too with fans and come back. Show many of your sexy aegyo to the fans. Do well on your fanmeeting, and we’ll meet really soon. Bye bye.

— Mark Tuan

Mark Tuan | @youngandlynn/Twitter

Jackson Wang delivered his message for Youngjae in Korean and English. He promised to watch the fanmeeting online too!

Our Youngjae… No, no… I should greet first. Hi, everyone! This is Jackson! I heard that Youngjae is having his fanmeeting in Thailand. I hope he arrives safely, and I’m happy for him, and I’m really looking forward to see lots of different videos online of how it goes, and I guess I’ll know if it’s going to happen, if he’s going to perform some songs or not, but I’m really looking forward. And congratulations, Youngjae, and get there safe and get back safe.

— Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang | @youngandlynn/Twitter

BamBam wished Youngjae many congratulations and partially delivered his message in Thai. He promised to see Youngjae soon.

Youngjae hyung! Congrats, man, congratulations! First, congratulations on your first solo fanmeeting in Thailand. I hope you’ll have fun today! …Okay, Youngjae hyung, congratulations! See you soon!

— BamBam

BamBam | @youngandlynn/Twitter

We admire this group’s bond so much!

Check of the video messages below:

Source: @youngandlynn

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