GOT7 Are Purging Traces Of Park Jin Young From Their Social Media – And Fans Are Loving The Shade

You tell them, BamBam!

In light of recent news that the GOT7 members were currently discussing contract renewal or expiration with JYP Entertainment, fans have been wondering about the upcoming plans for the group.

While Park Jin Young (also known as JYP) himself has unfollowed some members on social media and even the group account…

…it seems like GOT7 has been up to some things of their own. Fans realized with quick scans of social media that all the members have unfollowed Park Jin Young on social media…

…except Jackson and Yugyeom who both still follow the CEO on Instagram. They both do not follow him on Twitter however.

In a moment of peak shade, BamBam replied to a fan who was spilling the tea about how Park Jin Young had unfollowed him, Jinyoung and Mark

| @aegbeom/Twitter

…with the most appropriate GIF ever. He also promptly deleted this old post where he was praising the CEO…

| @foxyeeun/Twitter

…and this old post from Instagram.

| @foxyeeun/Twitter

Fans are absolutely loving his no-holds-barred approach to the news.

We see the shade and we’re living for it. Meanwhile, there has been no further updates on the status of the contracts discussion but stay tuned!