GOT7 Fans Upset That Park Jinyoung Went Against The Members’ Wishes

It is regarding their title tracks.

IGOT7s are upset with Park Jinyoung for not choosing the title tracks GOT7 wanted.

In October of 2017, GOT7 made a comeback with the song “You Are”, while in May of 2019, they made a comeback with the song “ECLIPSE”. GOT7 reportedly preferred “Teenager” and “Page” to be the title tracks instead.

Park Jinyoung’s reason for not following their preference was reportedly because “Teenager” and “Page” were not GOT7’s color. It should also be noted that the two songs were composed by member JB.

Following news of Park Jinyoung’s words, “GOT7”, “Page”, and “GOT7 Page” began trending on Naver and MelOn.

Several IGOT7s expressed their frustration with how Park Jinyoung deprived GOT7 of more popularity by choosing different title tracks.

The company always thinks they’re right when the idols themselves know what’s good for them.
It’s always the companies that sabotage a group from more recognition.
Page and Teenager are better than the songs JYP chose.

– Netizens