GOT7 will release special edition to first album, “IDENTIFY”

JYP Entertainment announced that their maknae group, GOT7, will be releasing a special edition of their first full-length album Identify with a teaser on the official JYP Store Twitter!

The teaser portrays the silhouettes of  seven cartoon figurines looking off into a monochrome distance of industrial buildings, going along with their futuristic theme from their title track “Stop Stop It.”

Although no official release date has been announced, IGOT7’s can expect to see more of GOT7’s talents with this new special edition.

Recently, GOT7 has just finished their music show promotions for their title track “Stop Stop It” which has reached over 4 million views since it’s November release. Currently, the boys are with the rest of JYP Nation for One Mic in Bangkok, Thailand. Meanwhile, it has also been revealed that GOT7 will be holding an Asian tour next year with the announcement of Hong Kong’s concert date!