GOT7’s Youngjae Had The Cutest Reaction To Hearing Their Song “Breath” Playing At The Tokyo 2020 Olympics

It looks like he might be a volleyball fan too!

There are only a couple of days left of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics! Sports fans and K-Pop fans have both been especially well-fed during these past couple of weeks, as many of our favorite artists’ songs have played during the events.

South Korean players playing against Turkey in the quarterfinals of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic women’s volleyball tournament | Yonhap via The Korea Herald

Ahgases were pleasantly surprised recently to hear GOT7‘s “Breath” playing during a women’s volleyball match in which South Korea played against Turkey. So, they tagged Youngjae, who served as one of the writers and producers for the title track from their album Breath of Love: Last Piece. 

Choi Youngjae, Youngjae my cutie. My oppa baby, my otter otter YoungjaeYoungjae Youngjae Youngjae. Are you busy today? ‘Breath’ played during women’s volleyball! Mr. Composer!

— Ahgase

An even better pleasant surprise is that Youngjae responded! It seems like he might be a fan of the Olympic Korean volleyball player Kim Yeon Koung too. We can only imagine how excited he must feel to hear a song he wrote play during the Olympics while one of his favorite athletes competes!

It’s me Yeon Koung noona…

— Youngjae

Let’s hope this volleyball fan is soon noticed by his noona!

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Source: @ GOTYJ_Ars_Vita