GOT7’s Youngjae Talks About Why He Doesn’t Like To Share His Problems With Others

It’s a very selfless reason.

GOT7 member Youngjae shares how aligned he is with his MBTI personality trait.

The GOT7 member recently sat down with The Star Magazine to film a YouTube video talking about his personality traits. He first shares with the viewers what his MBTI is.

I am going to see what they say about my MBTI, ISFJ on the internet.

— Youngjae

The first personality traits that were brought up in regards to this specific MBTI were patience, diligence and stability. To these traits, Youngjae responded,

It’s a little embarrassing to admit with my own mouth, but I do think this is true.

— Youngjae

When asked, “since you pick up on social cues quickly, you can figure out the vibes and feelings of a person” this is how he responded.

This is true. I can read people’s feelings pretty well. I catch onto social cues quickly. I act based on the situation often because of it.

— Youngjae

The GOT7 member shared with The Star viewers that he is usually a listener and not a talker.

I don’t usually tell my worries to people, but I do enjoy listening to others. I believe that people will be bothered by my concerns if I share them.

— Youngjae

Youngjae then shared something that goes against the ISFJ personality trait. He revealed that doesn’t follow the majority when it comes to opinions but rather, he stands his ground to the very end.

I don’t think this is true. I can acknowledge that I am a bit stubborn with my opinions. I think it’s better to be responsible for my opinions regardless of a good or bad outcome.

— Youngjae

When asked if he gets stressed out by fights and arguments, this is how the GOT7 member responded.

I hate it. I don’t want others to fight in front of me. I just want there to be peace all around. This one is completely true.

— Youngjae

When asked if he thought promises are important, Youngjae hilariously shared his interesting position on them.

So there’s something funny about this question. I do really value promises, but I break them a lot.

Obviously, if I’m busy, I will not break the promises but rather delay them instead.

— Youngjae

He also hilariously shared his unique way of relieving his frustrations back when he was a trainee.

When I was a trainee, I would hit the wall if things weren’t going well. It just got frustrating.

— Youngjae

Oh Youngjae, he’s such a hoot! You can watch the entire video with Youngjae down below.

Source: Twitter