GOT7’s Youngjae Exposes His Sasaeng Fans’ Messages On Instagram

‘Fans’ even added him to a group chat and sent him sexual innuendos.

Harassed by sasaeng fans again, GOT7‘s Youngjae took to Instagram to ask fans to stop sending him messages to his personal Kakao Talk account.


In the past, Youngjae has posted asking sasaengs to stop messaging him through Korean messaging app, Kakao Talk. He posted after enduring five months of messages from strangers.


GOT7’s Youngjae Begs Sasaengs To Stop Texting Him Nonstop


He’s also asked them to refrain from taking pictures of them at the airport, as it can be dangerous and non-fans can get caught up in the frenzy as well.

“Even if we really meet by chance at public places like the airport, how about showing each other our love through telepathy? It seems very dangerous to follow us in such haste. I don’t want Ahgasae to get hurt and I also hope that people around us won’t be affected as well…I task our smart Ahgasae to translate this to English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and any other language.”

— Youngjae


It seems that Youngjae is still be harassed by these sasaeng fans, as screenshots of Instagram account selling or revealing his contact information have been floating around.


Another fan sent him a message, supposedly concerned about the leaked information. However, these messages to his private Kakao Talk ID were also unwelcome by Youngjae and he took to Instagram to let them know.

“I don’t like this either so stop. Everybody please stop, I said stop. Do my words not seem like words? I have a limit to how much I can take too. Would you be happy? If you got messages from strangers everyday? Even when I say it with kind words many times, you still don’t listen. From now, I’m just going to collect and capture all of it. Please don’t flood my Instagram with messages.”

— Youngjae


Despite this post, more messages from strangers kept coming and Youngjae continued to post them.

“I said stop it.”

— Youngjae


He also posted this particular group chat in which “fans” called him a “sugar daddy” and asked him in Korean if he wanted to have ramen and go — a sexual innuendo.

“Hahahaha you’ve lost your minds hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha do it just keep going hahahaha”

— Youngjae


The recent posts have been deleted, but fans continue to flood his Instagram with support in light of what has happened.

  • “I hope you all understand as idols you also need privacy so please stop contacting him through numbers and other confidential apps, be safe Youngjae”
  • “Stay strong, thousands or maybe million ahgases around the world are protecting you. Be positive. Pay no mind to the haters they dont matter. We’re here for you.. all seven of you :)”
  • “Hi.. i hope you’re all right after what happened.. I wish I could know if you were all right.. I hope you didn’t let thous fake fan effect you too much.. we love you, and real ahgase would never do such a thing. I love you so much. Take care”


Source: Nate Pann