GOT7 Miss Dancing All Together, And Now We’re Emotional

We wish they can all dance together soon!

GOT7‘s Youngjae recently made his solo debut with the release of his first mini-album COLORS from Ars, along with a music video for “Vibin.”

GOT7’s Youngjae in “Vibin” MV.

If you’ve seen the music video, you know it’s got some choreography that’s both killer and fun. It perfectly highlights Youngjae’s lighthearted personality and musical theatre side!


#VibinChallenge #WeVibin #바이빈#ColorsfromArs #영재 #Youngjae

♬ Vibin (20sec) – 영재 (Youngjae)

And, of course, no successful comeback is complete without a TikTok dance challenge. His members have been showing their support by participating in the “Vibin” dance challenge across TikTok and Instagram Reels.

One of the first members to do so was leader Jay B. He met up with Youngjae, and they did the dance together.


Vibin with JAY B😎#영재 #Youngjae #COLORSfromArs #Vibin #vibinchallenge #wevibin

♬ Vibin (20sec) – 영재 (Youngjae)

He was followed by the maknae line! Youngjae visited AOMG, where he did the dance challenge with both BamBam and Yugyeom!


Vibin with BamBam & YUGYEOM🥳🎶#영재 #Youngjae #COLORSfromArs #Vibin #VibinChallenge #WeVibin @bambamxabyss

♬ Vibin (20sec) – 영재 (Youngjae)

A few more members have yet to send in or post their submissions to the “Vibin” challenge. Still, there are now a couple more additions, starting with Mark Tuan!

Before uploading his “Vibin” dance challenge to TikTok, Mark revealed during his Instagram Live that Youngjae was hoping for him to do it. He also played a variety of GOT7 songs, including Youngjae’s “Vibin.”

Youngjae actually messaged me yesterday. He was like, ‘Mark, can you do the challenge?’ So I promised him I’d do the challenge…

— Mark Tuan

So, like the great friend Mark is, he did it! He even included a special guest with him, his dog Milo!


Vibin🎶 #COLORSfromArs #Vibin #VibinChallenge #WeVibin

♬ Vibin (20sec) – 영재 (Youngjae)

Youngjae was so excited to see the video that he reacted with a post on Instagram Stories. He promised Mark that he would edit it, so they looked like they were dancing together like the others. Currently, most of the members are in South Korea, while Mark is in the United States and Jackson Wang is in China.

Mark hyung, just wait; I’m going to edit it and add you next to me so we’re dancing together… @marktuan

— Youngjae

Youngjae’s Instagram Stories post. | @333cyj333/Instagram

Mark reposted Youngjae’s post, replying that he would like to see them dance together. We’re going to go cry now…

Please do it…It’s lonely dancing alone.. Hehehe

— Mark Tuan

Mark Tuan’s repost of Youngjae’s Instagram Stories post. | @marktuan/Instagram

Both men are men of their word who keep their promises! The best part? Youngjae duetted Mark’s TikTok, so it looks like they’re dancing together. 😭


@marktuan 님과 #듀엣 Vibin with Mark🐶#영재 #Youngjae #COLORSfromArs #Vibin #VibinChallenge #WeVibin

♬ Vibin (20sec) – 영재 (Youngjae)

Jackson previously asked Youngjae on Instagram to teach him the dance… He finally showed off his moves during a live broadcast while he was in the gym!

Shortly after, Jackson delivered his official “Vibin” dance challenge video, which Youngjae followed up with a duet!

Last but not least, we have Jinyoung, who has been busy these days with his acting career! He recently starred in The Devil Judge and is currently in Yumi’s Cells. It was definitely well worth the wait, we have to say!

To make you even more emotional… Ahgases are editing all of GOT7’s “Vibin” dance challenges together to look like they are all together.

Youngjae’s “Vibin” challenge is sure to break the internet as everyone is joining in on the trend, not only all the GOT7 members but other artists too. The latest to join is MONSTA X‘s I.M and Kihyun who danced with Youngjae!

Hopefully, we can see GOT7 one day do not just the “Vibin” challenge together but all of the members’ solo singles… before their own song together, whenever that may be. 😊

Source: @marktuan and @333cyj333