GOT7 Members Share Support For Youngjae’s Solo Debut, And Now We’re Emotional

They really said, “GOT7 FOREVER!”

The wait is over! GOT7‘s Youngjae has released his first mini-album COLORS from Ars along with his solo debut music video for “Vibin.”

GOT7’s Youngjae in “Vibin” MV.

The only one more excited than Ahgases about it? GOT7! No one stans GOT7 more than the members. So, naturally, they all are being the supportive brothers you’d expect them to be.

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With Youngjae’s post for his solo debut, leader Jay B showed up in the comment section. Youngjae had captioned his photo, “Please send a lot of love to Vibin…please listen to it prettily (enjoy listening to it) ㅠㅠ you all worked so hard.” Jay B responded with a pun, essentially saying, “In order for me to listen to it prettily, I’m going to go wash up.”

| @333cyj333/Instagram

Jay B has also been super supportive on his own account, posting promotions for Youngjae’s new music to his Instagram Stories.

Youngjae: So lovely, I’m so grateful.
Jay B: If that’s the case, can I request a super sexy aegyo please….


The two have also been interacting by responding to each other’s posts. Jay B posted a collage of all of the members’ projects since leaving JYP Entertainment while referencing “exodia,” a collection of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

Jay B: GOT7’s exodia collection complete.
Youngjae: Wait, did you make this yourself…? Amazing…

| @333cyj333/Instagram

Now, we know, though, that no one promotes like BamBam. He not only reposted the GOT7 meme to his Twitter

He posted several things for Youngjae’s solo release to his Instagram Stories. If this doesn’t make you want to go check out Youngjae’s new songs, what will?

| @bambam1a/Instagram

Not to be outdone by the other maknae of the group, Yugyeom also took to his Instagram Stories to promote Youngjae’s new album.

| @yugyeom/Instagram

Of course, no comeback is complete without a TikTok dance challenge. Youngjae got some help from Jay B in sharing the “Vibin” challenge with his followers online.


Vibin with JAY B😎#영재 #Youngjae #COLORSfromArs #Vibin #vibinchallenge #wevibin

♬ Vibin (20sec) – 영재 (Youngjae)

Youngjae also visited AOMG, where he did the dance challenge with both BamBam and Yugyeom! We love to see the maknae line together again.


Vibin with BamBam & YUGYEOM🥳🎶#영재 #Youngjae #COLORSfromArs #Vibin #VibinChallenge #WeVibin @bambamxabyss

♬ Vibin (20sec) – 영재 (Youngjae)

In addition to posting to TikTok, the videos were shared on Instagram Reels. Best yet, the members contributed to the views and likes of the video!

| @333cyj333/Instagram

Not to mention the comment section stays flooded with the members’ messages to each other. Despite already appearing in his own TikTok with Youngjae, upon seeing the maknae line’s video, Jay B asked, “What about me…?” 

We can’t get over GOT7’s friendship!

And that’s not even all! Just three days ago, Youngjae gave Jay B, Yugyeom, and BamBam a preview of his new music. He shared the wholesome video on his YouTube channel 영재 YOUNGJAE.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the members have supported each other’s solo endeavors. For everyone’s recent solo debut albums, GOT7 has been more than supportive! Read more below:

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Watch Youngjae’s “Vibin” here:

Source: @333cyj333