GOT7’s Youngjae Made His Return As The Spoiler King And Fans Are Absolutely Living For It

In the spoiler king we trust!

It’s been less than a week since JYP Entertainment confirmed GOT7 is preparing for a comeback and, in true spoiler king fashion, Youngjae has already begun rolling out the spoilers for fans!

| @got7.with.igot7/Instagram

Following reports made on October 15 about a GOT7 comeback, JYP Entertainment confirmed the news stating, “GOT7 is preparing to release a new album, but the specific date is undecided. We will announce it when it is confirmed.”

Having no specific date, however, hasn’t stopped the spoiler kings doing what they do best! GOT7 has a long, long history of giving fans all kinds of hints about their songs ahead of their comeback sometimes even straight-up spoiling some major parts of their songs.

So when Jinyoung, Yugyeom, and Youngae went live, of course, they couldn’t resist dropping one for Ahgase. It all started when Youngjae started playing the piano.

Playing a few chords before pausing a moment, Youngjae positioned himself back at the keys and played a little more while throwing glances off-camera as he did so. When he was done, he stated that it was a spoiler before Jinyoung exclaimed, “Oh, our song.”

Although no one can say for sure whether or not Youngjae’s spoiler is really for their future comeback, fans are absolutely loving it and are celebrating the return of the spoiler king!

Listen to the mysterious spoiler for yourself around the 10-minute mark below: