GOT7’s Youngjae Snaps At Sasaeng For Their Inappropriate Behavior

Enough is enough.

GOT7‘s Youngjae recently took to his Instagram account to express his anger toward a “sasaeng’s” inappropriate behavior.

The message he posted on his Instagram Story reads as follows:

Don’t come up to the shop. And was that a threat? You can’t just take a photo of me chatting with other people at a cafe without my permission and then ask me, ‘Can I post this?’

– Youngjae

Furthermore, he posted the same message to his permanent Instagram feed and captioned it,

If you want to see a person’s life get ruined, go ahead and post it.

– Youngjae

Fans are interpreting this message to be targeted at a sasaeng who inappropriately invaded Youngjae’s privacy.

But this isn’t the first time Youngjae expressed his anger regarding sasaengs.

Just last year, the idol expressed,

Whether you’re Korean or foreign, please stop calling me. You keep calling all day and night, and I’m going to go crazy because I can’t sleep.

– Youngjae

And in 2018, Youngjae posted a screenshot of a fan’s message of concern and replied,

I hope I don’t get bothered by them.

– Youngjae

Here’s hoping Youngjae gets the privacy he deserves.

Source: Dispatch