GOT7’s Yugyeom Bares His Abs In Berlin

It’s definitely getting hot in Germany…

GOT7‘s Yugyeom recently arrived in Berlin, Germany, for the start of YUGYEOM Europe Tour 2022.

He has already started checking out the sights…

…but he himself is the true sight!

| @yugyeom/Twitter

Yugyeom performed his first show, and the weather was not the only thing getting hot in Berlin.

Although he began the show dressed in a jacket, he ended up losing it…

While he never went fully shirtless like his company AOMG‘s founder Jay Park would have, he did tease fans by raising his shirt. He paid homage to Park with a brief “Mommae” performance ahead of singing “All I Wanna Do.”


That was not the only time he teased fans. Yugyeom bared his chiseled abs even more again.

RIP, Yugyeom stans!

He just wants to make sure you all get a good view of his dandelion tattoo!

He’s always so considerate and consistent. We love that in a man.

Okay, he did clarify that he was “joking” earlier, but we don’t know… Is stealing our hearts a joke, Yugyeom?

We’re living vicariously through you, Berlin. 😩

From the ab-baring to standing on top of the barricade to get closer to fans to performing his own hits, new songs, and classic GOT7 songs, it is surely a night that those in attendance will never forget!

We can’t wait for the rest of the tour.

He surely kicked it off with a bang!

Check out more highlights from Yugyeom’s Berlin show below:

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