GOT7’s Yugyeom And Mark Tuan Eat Out Together Before Their International Schedules

They went to Yugyeom’s family’s restaurant right before he traveled!

GOT7‘s Yugyeom and Mark Tuan went out to eat together right before they had to travel.

GOT7’s Yugyeom (left) and Mark Tuan (right).

Recently, it was announced that Yugyeom would be leaving Korea for his Europe Tour 2022. 

Likewise, Mark Tuan will go to Thailand for a fan meeting event at the end of May.

Yet, before Yugyeom flew out to Berlin…

…he and Mark met up for a meal!

Mark Tuan at Incheon International Airport.

Mark’s friend and manager, Randy Wong, shared a video on Instagram Stories. Apparently, he and Mark were eating out at Yugyeom’s family’s restaurant, Steak Box.

It turns out, though, that Yugyeom himself joined them!

Yugyeom at Incheon International Airport.

An Ahgase (also known as iGOT7) revealed via Twitter that they saw Mark at Steak Box. And he smells just as good as we imagined. They suggest that it may be due to the perfume featured in his Harper’s BAZAAR Korea “Inside Bag” video. 

Mark smells realllly nice.. I don’t know perfumes well so I don’t know if it’s the perfume he mentioned recently but yeah

— @got_choi3/Twitter

The Ahgase also revealed that they met both Mark and Yugyeom as they were all eating at Steak Box. They even spoke and took photos together!

Hoo ha Yugyeom’s airport photos have finally been posted! Now I can finally say it! I was eating tteokbokki and beer by myself at Gyeom restaurant and I met Gyeom and Mark!

My heart just stopped working so I talked to them like I was talking to my manager…Hello…thank you..thank you…like this…The only thing I could say correctly was when Gyeom asked if it was okay to take off masks outside… I said..We don’t have to wear masks outside as of May 2! I said this like I was some robot..and then I was at a loss for words again…

— @got_choi3/Twitter

Another Ahgase also shared their experience meeting Mark and Yugyeom. Again, the members posed for many cute photos!

Before going to the airport, I went to Gyeom restaurant and met Yugyeom and Mark. I did the pose with the bracelet with Yugyeom. ㅋㅋㅋ I was so so so happy.


Additionally, Steak Box updated its Instagram with a photo of GOT7’s group selfie, revealing the members’ signatures.

It’s so sweet that Mark went out to eat with Yugyeom at his family’s restaurant the day before he had to travel. Ahgases can’t help but get emotional about the GOT7 members’ wholesome relationship!

They’re truly one big family.

Source: @got_choi3