GOT7’s Mark Tuan Plans To Stay In Korea For A Long Time

It’s good news for iGOT7!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan may be staying in Korea longer than you think!

GOT7’s Mark Tuan at Incheon International Airport.

Since the group’s members departed from JYP Entertainment last year, Mark Tuan had moved back home to California and signed with Creative Artists Agency LLC. Since then, he has released singles such as “save me,” “lonely,” “my life,” and “last breath.”

Finally, he returned to South Korea in March. Mark has kept busy after his quarantine concluded for the past couple of months. He even filled in for leader Jay B on the radio show KBS Cool FM‘s STATION Z JAY B’s R&B.

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Still, most of all, Ahgases (also known as iGOT7) suspected that Mark’s return was a sign that all the GOT7 members were getting back together for a group comeback which has since been confirmed.

Yet, Ahgases were getting concerned about comeback plans after news of international schedules for members Yugyeom and Mark.

Yugyeom has just left Korea for his Europe Tour 2022. So, he will be gone for at least a couple of weeks.

Yet, by the time Yugyeom’s Europe tour concludes, Mark will be preparing to leave Korea. He will go to Thailand for a fan meeting event at the end of May.

The two still managed to hang out before the trips!

And despite Mark’s travel plans, he reassured us that he would actually be staying in Korea for a while.

Recently, Mark was featured in Harper’s BAZAAR Korea. In addition to a sexy photoshoot, he did an “Inside Bag” video.

While he maybe doesn’t carry as much as BamBam, Mark still had a lot of stuff, and he revealed why. One of the most important items to him is his teeth braces as he is attempting to improve his smile.

I had gone through an orthodontics process before, but the dentist recommended it to me to do it again. He said it could make my smile look prettier. So, I decided to do it.

— Mark Tuan

Mark shared that he has around twenty teeth braces, as you should frequently change them. So, he said that he remembered to bring some since he would be staying in Korea for a while.

I have 20 of these back home. I think I may stay in Korea for long, so I brought everything along.

— Mark Tuan

Ahgases are definitely hopeful that this means that there will be a full comeback for GOT7 with activities.

Watch the full video below:

Source: Harper's BAZAAR Korea