GOT7’s Yugyeom Flexes Both A New Skill And A New Hairstyle

Is he preparing for a comeback?

Ahgases remain one of the most well-fed fandoms ever!

GOT7‘s Mark Tuan just confirmed he is soon releasing two new songs. Now, Yugyeom is flexing with both a new skill and style.

GOT7’s Yugyeom

Yugyeom low-key appeared in VIXX Ravi‘s vlog. Ravi visited Dae Han Extreme Martial Arts studio, which GOT7 members frequent. On display at the studio are signed albums of those who train there, and Ravi pointed out Yugyeom’s solo album Point of View: U.

GOT7, particularly Mark and Jackson Wang, are already known for their acrobatic tricks. Yet, all members appear to be getting in shape more than ever lately. So, a comeback seems to be in sight.

Now to add to more suspicions of a comeback, Yugyeom has a new hairstyle! He shared an elevator selfie on Instagram Stories, flaunting long permed hair.

| @yugyeom/Instagram

Ahgases are loving the new look for Yugeom, and honestly, same.

He can pull off any hairstyle, of course. Yet, Yugyeom with curls is next level.

So, could this be a new look in time for a comeback?

Well, his mom might have spoiled something last month. Read about it below:

GOT7 Yugyeom’s Mom Might Have Just Spoiled His Upcoming Comeback

Source: 라비 RAVI and @yugyeom