GOT7’s Yugyeom Is Taking Germany By Storm

There isn’t an end to the line.

GOT7‘s Yugyeom is kicking off his YUGYEOM Europe Tour 2022 in Germany, and his first stop in Berlin took off with a bang. With two more stops left in Germany before moving on to Paris, Yugyeom has Germany in the palm of his hands with the amazing turnouts to his concert.

At the first stop in Berlin, the lines were huge.

This aerial view from AOMG‘s official Instagram story shows just how long the lines were.

This montage of Yugyeom’s first night in Berlin further highlights the love fans have for him, as well as what amazing performances await the rest of the tour.

Yugyeom is performing in Munich tonight, and this time, the tickets are sold out. His next stop at Oberhausen is no different, and fans can imagine the power and energy of each of his stops in Europe.

Jin Entertainment posted an Instagram story of the line for Munich, and it is snaking around buildings and across the street.

With such a packed venue, Munich is sure to be another great night for both Yugyeom and Ahgases.

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