GOT7’s Yugyeom Stops Concert To Check On Fans, Revealing His True Personality

He prioritized fans’ health and safety.

At a recent concert, GOT7‘s Yugyeom stopped mid-performance, and for a good reason.

GOT7’s Yugyeom

Currently, Yugyeom is on his solo European tour, YUGYEOM Europe Tour 2022. He kicked it off in Germany and has received praise for performing new music and classic GOT7 hits.

Now, he is receiving praise for an entirely different reason.

Recently, he has performed shows in both Paris and London.

During the London concert, Yugyeom was performing GOT7’s “Thank You, Sorry” when he noticed something. He quickly shouted for the music to be stopped.

He then directed the staff to turn on the lights for the venue.

House lights, please!

— Yugyeom

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Yugyeom went closer to inspect the situation of what exactly was going on in the crowd.

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He went back to speak to the staff and pointed to where they needed to check on fans.

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Yugyeom then realized that more in the crowd needed help from the opposite side. So, he went over to check on them too.

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He motioned for the fans in attendance to give each other more space. Yugyeom also asked if they were okay.

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One of the fans ultimately was escorted to safety by staff via the stairs.

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Yugyeom eventually told the crowd to slow down and take a few steps back.

From the back, three steps. From the back. Slow down.

— Yugyeom

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Before continuing his set, Yugyeom checked on the crowd one more time.

Everything’s good? Are you okay, guys?

— Yugyeom

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Yugyeom has been praised for how he handled the situation. He showed great concern and was conscientious towards the Ahgases.

Those in attendance reported that water bottles were also handed out due to overheating. And even when they ran out, Yugyeom went backstage to get more.

He prioritized the fans’ safety and health more than anything, and that’s extremely commendable.

The Ahgases in question have since posted updates. Both received proper treatment and care and are since okay.

We are relieved to hear that everyone is ultimately all right.

Yugyeom proved to be not only a skilled performer but a genuine man who always puts others’ safety and health first.

Source: @hobisbabies

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