GOT7’s Yugyeom Goes Shirtless During Wet And Wild Performance In Bangkok

He performed a sexy version of “Hard Carry!”

The WATERBOMB festival has given us many iconic performances throughout the years as the hottest music artists perform with water.

Sunmi (left) and Cha Hyun Seung (right) | Kpopping

WATERBOMB Bangkok 2023 kicked off today, April 13, and will continue on Friday, April 14, at Thunderdome Stadium in Thailand.

Many of our favorite music artists are performing, including GOT7‘s maknaes as they headline as solo artists. BamBam encouraged everyone to go support Yugyeom on Thursday and see him the next day with a funny throwback tweet.

What Ahgases (GOT7 fans, also known as iGOT7) couldn’t have expected was Yugyeom’s wet and wild performance.

Getting soaked during his performance, Yugyeom teased everyone by opening and pulling his shirt down, showcasing his body ink. His tattoos are as beautiful as him!

Yugyeom even treated the crowd to special performances. He performed the unreleased song “Always Ready.”

Of course, Yugyeom never forgets Ahgases in attendance. So, he performed an extra sexy version of the GOT7 classic “Hard Carry” that left the fandom shook.

We’re just waiting for BamBam next!

Previously, Yugyeom bared his abs during his 2022 Europe tour. Read more below.

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