GOT7’s Jackson Cancels Partnership With Adidas After The Brand Criticized China Over Forced Labor Conditions

He will no longer work with the company.

GOT7‘s Jackson has canceled his partnership with Adidas.

Global fashion brand Adidas is one of the companies that has halted the use of Xinjiang cotton, due to reports of forced labor and discrimination of minorities in Xinjiang.

| Adidas

GOT7 first partnered with Adidas in 2018 and, since then, Jackson has appeared in various campaigns from the brand.

A recent statement posted on Jackson’s official Weibo account confirmed that he had terminated his contract with Adidas.

From today on, this studio (agency) and Mr Jackson Wang will cease all work with the brand Adidas Originals. The country’s interests are above everything else, and the studio and Mr. Jackson Wang are strictly against all malicious acts that defame and slander China.

| TEAMWANG嘉尔工作室/ Weibo

Jackson is not the first K-Pop star to cut ties with various brands sho have boycotted Xinjiang cotton. It comes after f(x)’s Victoria recently cut ties with H&M after they released a statement explaining that they were halting and criticizing the use of Xinjiang cotton.

Adidas has not officially responded to this statement.

Source: Weibo