f(x)’s Victoria Cuts Ties With H&M After They Criticize China Over Forced Labor Conditions

She will no longer be working for them.

Global fashion brand H&M recently got into hot soup with China. Their statement halting and criticizing the use of Xinjiang cotton due to reports of forced labor and discrimination of ethno-religious minorities in Xinjiang rubbed some the wrong way. Many Chinese nationals took to social media to call out the brand for “spreading false rumors and boycotting Xinjiang cotton“. The rife comes amidst media attention on the reported mistreatment of Uyghurs in concentration camps.

f(x)‘s Victoria Song was recently the head of a campaign for H&M. Not only did she participate in styling and design of the clothes, she also modelled them for their campaign.

| H&M

Following news of H&M’s statement, her studio released a statement that declared Victoria had cut ties with the brand.

The country’s interests are more important than anything else. We are firmly counteracting all stigmatization against China, and firmly disagree with using this kind of business strategies to defame and slander the country and its citizens.

— Victoria Song Studio

| Victoria Song Studio

While many Chinese netizens are praising her for her loyalty and patriotism, many Korean fans were left disappointed. H&M has not officially responded to Victoria’s statement.

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