GOT7’s Jackson Reveals That He Has Finally Achieved His Childhood Dream

What an inspiration!

GOT7’s Jackson may act extra and goofy, but fans know that he is one of the most hard-working celebrities in Asia.

As a K-Pop idol, variety show cast-member and singer-songwriter, he is incredibly busy as one of the biggest stars in China and across Asia.

Throughout all his hard work and ambition, Jackson has recently revealed that he has several life goals that gives him the motivation to achieve success.

And now, after five years since his debut, Jackson revealed that he has finally achieved one of these goals.

Jackson had the honour of unveiling his Madame Tussaurd wax figure which was first announced at the end of last year.

He confused fans, by posing next to the wax figure which looked uncannily identical.

Jackson has previously expressed that as a child, when he first visited the Madame Tussauds museum in Hong Kong with his parents, he was awestruck from seeing all the wax figures of the celebrities from home and abroad.

Ever since then, he has been determined to make his childhood dream come true, and be just like the celebrities who he saw at the age of nine.

When Jackson finally had the honour of being invited to have a wax figure of himself constructed, he displayed his gratitude to those at Madame Tussauds.

It was revealed that he had to sit for up to eight hours, in order for him to be completely measured so that the wax figure would be a realistic simulation.

The only thing he had that day was the sugarcane juice that his father had prepared.

Still, Jackson acknowledged that regardless of how inconvenient the situation may be, it was still so unreal and incredible for him to achieve his childhood dream.

When I was 9, I visited Madame Tussauds with my family and I wished I could have my own wax figure in future too. Now my dream has come true. I hope I can present myself in perfect condition so it’s totally worth the starvation for a short while.

The General Manager of Madame Tussauds Hong Kong, Jenny You acknowledged the reason why Jackson had been selected to join around a hundred celebrities to have their wax figure constructed for the museum.

We appreciate his efforts along his music journey. This young gentleman has a strong passion for music and works hard to achieve his dreams.

Indeed, Jackson’s passion was clear during the ceremony where he talked about the incredible feeling he had for achieving a goal he has since childhood.

He made sure to thank the fans who were present at the ceremony and expressed his gratitude for their constant support and praise. He hoped that this ceremony was just as much about them.

I am particularly impressed that many fans made their way to Hong Kong to witness this significant moment with me. I hope everyone who loves Jackson Wang can go to take photos or interact with ‘me’ whenever they want. And I will come back more often to meet you all too.

On his Weibo and Instagram, Jackson revealed that this has been one of his life goals and that thanks to the hard work of his staff and fans, he has been able to tick one off from his bucket list.

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✔️ 一辈子5大愿望之一 正式的完成了第一个✔️ 【 香港杜莎夫人蜡像馆 】 -JACKSON WANG- 最想说的就是 感谢 感恩所有一开始 我什么都没有的时候 相信我,对我有信心,支持我, 陪着我一直到现在的 就是 TEAM WANG 的所有工作人员的热情 还有 最重要的 【我的你们】 这是我们大家一起努力的成果 因为一起拼回来的成果 边看蜡像的时候 心情真的有点难以形容 更懂得 珍惜 感恩 这是我们旅程的其中一站 回头看了一看我们一起走过的路 风风雨雨 各种难关我们都拼过来了 这一站 对我们来说 不是一两句话就能表达的 虽然还有很长的路要走 我相信一定能走到的 生命中感恩有你们 我会更努力 做一个 更好的 王嘉尔 真心的谢谢你们 很爱你们 TEAM WANG Let’s make history . First goal out of my life bucket list officially CHECKED ✔️ 【 Madame Tussauds Hong Kong 】 -JACKSON WANG- Really appreciate the enthusiasm and the fearless attitude of TEAM WANG members and staff. Most importantly, Thank you to all of YOU who stood by me and believed in me and supported me since TEAM WANG day one when I basically had no help, no connections, nothing. It was really difficult and challenging. This achievement belongs to us. Belongs to YOU all and TEAM WANG together, it’s us, and because of that, I can hardly express my emotions & feelings when i’m witnessing this moment. It means a lot to me Yet, its only one of the stops in our journey. And being here today, looking back, despite all the ups and downs, we are always [together] to fight through every obstacles. Still upon us, a very long journey to continue, but I believe we can do anything together. ANYTHING I am truly thankful and blessed to have all of you in my life. I will work harder to become a better Jackson Wang. I’m so blessed, Thank you & I Love you all TEAM WANG Let’s make history . 살면서 지금까지 목표 5가지 그중 하나 드디어 이뤘어요✔️ 【 홍콩 Madame Tussauds WAX 박물관 】 -JACKSON WANG- 정말 아무것도 없었을 때부터 저를 믿고 응원해주시고 지금까지 저와 함께 같이 걸어와주신 여러분들에게 너무너무 감사하다고 말하고 싶어요 열정 넘치는 우리 TEAM WANG staff들도 정말 소중하고 항상 감사해요 우리 다 같이 얻은 결과예요 많은 일들 같이 겪은 결과니까 더 소중하고 WAX 보면서 마음이 더 복잡하네요 볼수록 여러분들께 더 소중하고 더 감사하다는 생각 밖에 안 들어요 좋을 때 도 힘들었을 때 도 같이 보냈고 그래서 기분이 말로 표현 못 하겠어요 아직 갈 길이 너무 멀지만 같이 함께한다면 다 이겨낼 수 있다고 생각해요 저의 인생에 여러분 있어서 정말 감사해요 더 열심히 해서 더 좋은 잭슨 되겠습니다 사랑하고 또 감사해요 TEAM WANG Let’s make history . Let’s ride together “✔️” 🙏 #TEAMWANG #thankyou #madametussauds #jacksonwang #잭슨 #王嘉爾 #blessed #感恩 #letsmakehistory

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In terms of what his future plans are, Jackson promised that he would continue to work hard, so that a wax figure of him can be built in Madame Tussauds all across the world, so that fans could take a picture with “him”, no matter where they are.

With his final words, Jackson encouraged his fans to always follow their dreams, just as he did.

Always follow your dream. Be hungry. Never regret on the choices you made.

You never know, with a lot of determination and hard work, you might have your own wax figure at Madame Tussauds.


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