GOT7’s Jinyoung Just Sold Out A Perfume In One Day

Not many idols can get a product sold out so fast.

Just one day after Jinyoung’s new beauty film was released, the perfume he was promoting has already sold out!

W Korea started the month of February off right with a treat for Ahgase: a stunning beauty film starring GOT7’s Jinyoung.

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The sensual video showcased his deadly looks in black-and-white, illuminated in pink hues, and under a steamy shower.

It was so hot, even Jaebom commented “Oh… sexy…” on Instagram!

The beauty film was made as part of a promotion for the new Tom Ford “Rose Prick” perfume, a pretty pink fragrance said to have a juicy, full-bodied floral scent. And naturally, Ahgase just had to buy it.

But it seems Jinyoung’s looks are almost too good at marketing, because in just one day, the perfume was already sold out!

The day after the beauty film was released, one fan headed to the Tom Ford store in Seoul and made a beeline for the Rose Prick perfume. When she asked to buy it, the staff told her that although the perfume was only stocked yesterday, there was already only bottle left.

The staff also told her that numerous people called the store to reserve the perfume that day. The most impressive part? Even the smallest bottle of Rose Prick perfume retails at $335 USD (around ₩400,000 KRW in South Korea), but fans still managed to buy every one.

Looks like Tom Ford should’ve stocked more bottles—never underestimate the power of Jinyoung or Ahgase.


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