GOT7’s Jinyoung Had The Absolute Sweetest Reaction To Hearing Jay B’s New Song “B.T.W.” For The First Time

We love the way the members support each other!

GOT7‘s Jay B recently dropped his solo EP, SOMO:FUME and everyone’s loving it, including his fellow GOT7 member Jinyoung!

GOT7’s Jay B (left) and Jinyoung (right) | and @jinyoung_0922jy/Instagram

Jay B recently did an interview with ESQUIRE Korea to promote his solo EP, SOMO:FUME.

| ESQUIRE Korea/YouTube

During the interview, Jay B was asked, “Have the other members of GOT7 listened to your new song?”

Jay B revealed that Jinyoung was the only member who had listened to “B.T.W” so far. He said, “Only Jinyoung got to listen to it.” 

When he heard the song, Jinyoung told Jay B he’s happy that Jay B gets to create the type of music he wants to create.

Jinyoung told Jay B, “I feel so glad that you get to do this type of music.” 

Jinyoung also told Jay B that he wants him to unleash his sexy side through his music! He said, “I want you to be sexy for real.” 

Jay B revealed that he agreed with Jinyoung that he should show a sexier side of himself through his music.

“When I was working on this album, that was one of my plans,” Jay B said.

However, he dropped the sexy concept because he felt a little awkward.

“I thought it would be awkward if I try too hard, so I dropped it,” he said.

We’re glad that Jinyoung showed support for Jay B as he released his first solo EP, and we’ll be waiting for Jay B’s sexy concepts right alongside him!

See Jay B’s full interview with ESQUIRE Korea below.