Gucci Calls EXO’s Kai The “Human Gucci” And Sends A Coffee Cart To Him

They love him!

It was recently found out that luxury brand Gucci, for which EXO‘s Kai is the global ambassador for, sent the singer a coffee cart in support of his solo activities. The cart was sent to an undisclosed location as a form of support for him and his staff.

| @soave_cafe_/Instagram

The banner overhead cutely reads, “Congratulations to human Gucci, Kai, on his first solo album! Eat it deliciously while savoring it (Mmmh-mi)” while a standing banner said, “Gucci wholly supports Gucci Kai“.

| @soave_cafe_/Instagram

Each beverage or cookie even came with Gucci’s trademark ribbon, adding a quirky personal touch.

| @soave_cafe_/Instagram

The coffee cart company even posted the event with the caption, “#Gucci sent the cart to congratulate #EXO #Kai on his first solo album.

What a thoughtful gesture! No wonder Kai loves Gucci as well.