Gugudan Members Reveal Why Ravi Is The Best Sunbae In The World

Gugudan thanks VIXX‘s Ravi for composing one of their songs and being such a supportive labelmate.

Fans were very excited when it was announced that VIXX’s Ravi would be composing a song for Gugudan’s second mini-album, Narcissus.

During a Naver V Live broadcast of Gugudan’s comeback showcase, Gugudan gave credit for one of their tracks called “Hate You” to labelmate Ravi. They explained that the song is about a girl who is disappointed at her boyfriend for turning neglectful and dull towards her.

When asked whether Ravi has given a lot of support, Gugudan expressed their gratitude.

“Even though Ravi was super busy with his promotions at the time, he looked after us and even helped with directing, so we were able to have lots of fun while recording the song. We were really thankful.”

— Gugudan’s Hyeyeon

Check out the track “Hate You” composed by Ravi below!

Source: Naver, BEFF Report