Gugudan’s Staff Accidentally Tweeted A Very Personal Message On Their Official Account

Many believe she’s no longer with the company…

gugudan‘s fans were in a for a confusing surprise when a very personal message was recently tweeted from the group’s official Twitter account.

In the early evening, gugudan fans were alerted of a new tweet by the group but were surprised to see a message about someone quitting… The tweet read, “I’m gonna go into the office after this shoot ends so I can gather what I can for my portfolio…. I need to hurry up and submit my resume…

The tweet was soon deleted but fans had come to realize the post was probably mistakenly tweeted by a staff member who didn’t realize that they were still on the group’s official account instead of their personal one.

From the tweet, it appeared as if the staff member was preparing to leave the agency and move to a new company. Netizens predict that the staff member was either successful in leaving the company or was let go for their negligent tweet.

No matter, hopefully Jellyfish Entertainment was able to overlook the accident and resolve the situation with the staff professionally.

Source: Dispatch