Gummy tears up after revealing her identity on “King of Masked Singer”

In the most recent episode of King of Masked Singer, masked contestant ‘Girl’s Romantic Cosmos’ was unmasked after failing to move on to the next round.

Aired on November 23rd, ‘Girl’s Romantic Cosmos’ and ‘Sensitivity Vocal Cricket’ became semi-finalist and went head-to-head with their solo performances. With ‘Girls’ Romantic Cosmos’ falling short on points, her identity was revealed to be Gummy, a 10 year veteran singer in the Korean music scene.

MC Kim Sung Joo asked her, “Is your boyfriend cheering you on?” to which Gummy said, “He gave me a lot of confidence. He told me I was of a different class,” tearing up a little as she said this.

In February earlier this year, Gummy was revealed to have been dating actor Jo Jung Suk for the last two years.

Meanwhile, King of Masked Singer is a show that masks the faces of singers, giving the audience only their vocals to judge the performers on and airs every Sunday at 4:50pm KST.

Source: TV Report