Gurumi Haribo Responds After YG Entertainment’s Statement To Take Legal Action

The statement was released on Telegram.

Recently, alleged couple photos were released of BTS‘s V and BLACKPINK‘s Jennie. They have all been “leaked” by a Twitter and Telegram user known as Gurumi Haribo (@gurumiharibo).

Photo of BTS’s V unrelated to Gurumi Haribo | @thv/Instagram
Photo of BLACKPINK’s Jennie unrelated to Gurumi Haribo | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

At the end of September, BIGHIT MUSIC made a statement regarding the violation of the artists’ rights. Although it made no reference to Gurumi Haribo, many believed it was on the latest rumors caused by the alleged leaks. However, Gurumi Haribo refuted it, adding they hadn’t received any notice.

We have recently filed additional criminal complaints against postings with personal attacks and defamation using new information provided by fans as well as collected through our monitoring initiatives.

We have found multiple defamation postings containing false information about the artists on platforms in and outside of Korea.

We also have found that a specific poster has been spreading the same ill-intentioned rumor in multiple platforms and filed a criminal complaint against the poster after gathering all of the repetitively uploaded postings.


Gurumi Haribo’s response to BIGHIT’s statement

At the start of October, YG Entertainment also released a statement but this time directly taking legal action against the individual who originally spread Jennie’s personal photographs.

Gurumi Haribo later released a new statement answering questions that had allegedly been asked by members of the group chat. In the statement, the user explained that they had not been arrested or contacted by either HYBE or YG regarding the issues.

The user then explained the state of the rumors in Korea and the consensus towards them. Gurumi Haribo then explained that they would not be posting any more pictures of the duo until the police investigation is done, adding that the last update from the duo was alleged during the recent 2022 Video Music Awards.

Although Gurumi Haribo has had their Twitter suspended, they are still communicating through their account on Telegram.

You can read more about Gurumi Haribo’s response to BIGHIT MUSIC’s statement below.

Gurumiharibo Responds To BIGHIT MUSIC’s Recent Statement Regarding Violation Of Artists’ Rights

The Gurumiharibo Leaks

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