“You Guys Don’t Deserve This.” — E’LAST Apologize After Concert’s Last Minute Cancellation Due To Alleged Mismanagement

Fans say the members were seen crying after the announcement.

K-Pop group E’LAST recently were forced to cancel their Atlanta concert after alleged shortcomings by the tour’s promotor.

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E’LAST, consisting of Choi In, Seungyeop, Rano, Baekgyeul, Romin, Won Hyuk, Wonjun, and Yejun, are currently on their 2023 Thrill North America tour.

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While this should be a happy occasion for the group to unite with their international fans, the tour has already had issues. The group’s performance in LA was chaotic from the start, with fans having to organize themselves.

The concert also began three hours late, leading fans to be kicked out of the venue a little more than an hour later.

According to fans that attended the event, the tour’s organizer MC Entertainment blamed the group and even yelled at them. Fans also slammed the company for “scamming,” citing that none of the perks they paid for were given.

Now, just a week later, those attending the Atlanta date of the tour have reported a similar occurrence. According to fans at the venue, check-in for the show was supposed to begin at 4:30 pm, but they were not given any news until 6:30 pm.

Staff then announced that the concert would be canceled due to safety standards not being met. The visibly upset group then came on stage to apologize to fans.

Fans were then told to organize themselves in preparation for the after-show interactions, which included a hi-touch, fan sign, and group photo opportunity. During the fan sign, the members apologized again, promising to return under better conditions.

They even took the time to perform a little to make up for the canceled concert!

The group also referenced the unfortunate event in posts on social media after the show, again promising to return soon.

MCE Entertainment has not publically addressed what happened, while the group’s company, E Entertainment released a statement on E’Last’s official Weverse account, updating fans on what to do regarding refunds.

Hello, this is E Entertainment.
We want to inform you that the ‘THRILL NORTH AMERICA TOUR in ATLANTA,’ which was scheduled for today, has been canceled due to the on-site situation making it difficult to hold the performance.

Please know that although our artist was willing to move forward with the performance, the company inevitably canceled the performance because of the risks that could occur during the performance.

We want to thank and ask for the understanding of the fans who waited and participated until the end.

Our company and the artist have done our best to fulfill as much of the event for those who purchased tickets in order to repay the love of the fans who have waited as much as they could. If you would like a refund, please request a refund through MC Entertainment.

— E Entertainment

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