“E’LAST Left The Venue Crying”: Fans Expose MC Entertainment For Allegedly Scamming Them

Fans reported not receiving what they paid for and staff yelling.

E’LAST fans (ELRING) are exposing tour organizer MC Entertainment for allegedly scamming them.

K-Pop group E’LAST, consisting of Choi In, Seungyeop, Rano, Baekgyeul, Romin, Won Hyuk, Wonjun, and Yejun,  are currently on their 2023 Thrill North America tour. They performed on Sunday, May 7, 2023, at AVALON Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.

While fans were excited to see E’LAST, it turned into a horrible night. Some of the members’ posts even allude to it too.

According to fans, the entire thing was chaotic from the start. One was even mistaken for a staff member because, allegedly, the workers were not doing their jobs.

So, the concert started three hours late. Yet, fans were kicked out at 9 PM.

This would be by no means the E’LAST members’ fault. But according to fans in attendance, event organizer MC Entertainment staff blamed E’LAST and even yelled at them. ELRINGs also reported that E’LAST left crying.

Concert-goers received nothing that they paid for too. This includes Meet & Greet, High-Touch, merchandise, selfies, etc.

ELRINGs attempted to confront MC Entertainment staff regarding this issue at the time. Yet, according to the fans, the MC Entertainment staff “lied,” “laughed” at them, and ran off.

K-Pop fans are pointing out that MC Entertainment has a problematic past. This isn’t the first time concert-goers have not received what they paid for.

Previously, Spire Entertainment called out MC Entertainment amidst OMEGA X‘s 2022 tour, but the tour organizer later exposed the K-Pop company further. Read more below.

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