Spire Entertainment Calls Out MC Entertainment For Irresponsibly Handling OMEGA X’s US Tour

The remainder of the group’s 2022 US tour is uncertain.

Fans of the “second chance” K-Pop group OMEGA X have eagerly anticipated their first world tour since it was announced.

OMEGA X | Spire Entertainment

Unfortunately, now the fate of OMEGA X 2022 NORTH AMERICA TOUR [CONNECT :Don’t give up] is uncertain.

OMEGA X 2022 NORTH AMERICA TOUR [CONNECT :Don’t give up] was scheduled to begin on October 1st in Boston, Massachusettes, and consisted of 14 concerts across 12 states. Fans were especially excited considering often overlooked cities were included.

Yet, just a few days before the tour was supposed to start, fans noticed that the Lawrence, Kansas date was no longer showing up on the venue’s website. Previously, CODE1 Entertainment, the company organizing the tour, announced that the group would perform in Lawrence instead of the previously announced Kansas City.

So, fans were shocked and confused when a new act was in place of OMEGA X on their original date on the venue’s schedule. They then received a notice that the concert was canceled.

Following the alleged cancellation, fans were notified by the respective venues that both the Orlando and Denver dates were canceled. The Filmore Auditorium in Denver even responded to fan direct messages, confirming the announcement.

OMEGA X’s announcement | OMEGA X Fancafe
A fan’s DM with a venue regarding the Omega X concert. | @stvrlandcl/Twitter

One of the statements from a venue circulated across social media that the entire tour was canceled, causing the entire fandom to worry.

| @luxa_1/Twitter

It appeared that confusion about a tour cancellation resulted from OMEGA X no longer working with CODE1 Entertainment.

So, later, the official OMEGA X account shared a new listing of tour dates. The three dates (Boston, Wilkes Barre, and San Francisco) were removed.

Fans demanded that both CODE1 Entertainment and the group’s company, SPIRE Entertainment, give proper explanations and post an official announcement regarding the issues.

Finally, Spire Entertainment has released a statement via OMEGA X’s official social media accounts.

With a heavy heart, we have an unfortunate news to share with all fans who have been waiting for OMEGA X’s concerts for a long time.

— Spire Entertainment

Logo | Spire Entertainment

Spire Entertainment revealed that the New York concert has been canceled, and the rest of the tour is uncertain due to miscommunication on MC Entertainment‘s part. Although the promotion company is responsible for the US tour, the company canceled everyone’s plane tickets from Chile to New York “without any notice.” 

On October 2, 2022 (local Chile time), OMEGA X members and staffs were scheduled to depart Chile for New York show. However, MC Entertainment, who is responsible for OMEGA X’s US Tour, canceled their plane tickets to New York without any notice.

— Spire Entertainment

So, all OMEGA X members and staff waited six hours at the airport. When they received news about receiving new tickets, the check-in counters for international flights were closed.

With the slightest hope for receiving new tickets, all members and staff waited at the airport for six hours. When they finally got the news about retreiving new tickets for 11:55 p.m. flight on the same day, it was 9:30 p.m. and therefore all check-in counters for international flighters have already been closed.

— Spire Entertainment

Spire Entertainment called out MC Entertainment for being irresponsible and failing to communicate properly.

With MC Entertainment’s incomprehensible acts, OMEGA X’s upcoming schedules in North America are currently unknown.

MC Entertainment is avoiding all responsibilities regarding upcoming tour schedules and not providing us any feedback or apologies.

— Spire Entertainment

Logo | MC Entertainment

Still, Spire Entertainment has apologized to fans. Unfortunately, they are suggesting that they request cancelation through reservation offices.

We have considered and discussed many ways to keep our promise with fans and make htis show possible, but we failed to deliver our promise. We deeply apologize about that.

Please contact your respective reservative offices and request cancelation.
Again, we are very sorry to send this unfortunate news.

— Spire Entertainment

Fans are calling out CODE1 Entertainment and MC Entertainment for both scamming OMEGA X. They have exposed unprofessional, conning behaviors.

Now, fans only hope that a responsible promotion like SubKulture Entertainment will take over and OMEGA X can finally go on their North American tour.

Read the full statement from Spire Entertainment below.

| @OmegaX_official/Twitter

MC Entertainment has since posted an update and apologized. The New York concert has been postponed to tomorrow.

Spire Entertainment posted an additional statement regarding the New York concert.

| @OmegaX_official/Twitter
Source: omegax_official

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