Here’s The Real Relationship Between The Actors For “All Of Us Are Dead” Characters Cheong San And Gwi Nam


Actors Yoon Chan Young and Yoo In Soo play absolute enemies on the Netflix hit, All Of Us Are Dead. Yoo In Soo plays the half-zombie, Gwi Nam. He terrorizes the survivors with an agenda to take out Cheong San…

Yoo In Soo | @k.a_innsoo/Instagram

…who’s played by actor Yoon Chan Young. Cheong San is one of the main heroes of the drama, and sacrifices himself to save the others.

Yoon Chan Young | @yooncy1/Instagram

In the drama, they often fight to the death.

However, in real life, the two are really good friends! Yoo In Soo shared that they would often talk about acting and the drama on set. But when it came down to filming, they would switch back into their hostile characters.

According to Chan Young, the two often go out to cafes or to see the night view together. Sounds a little like date activities to us…

…but that’s probably just our shipping minds in action. It’s great to see that the two actors have a great friendship despite their professional attitudes towards their characters!

| @k.a_insoo/Instagram

Catch their interview together below.

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