GWSN’s Label Releases Official Statement Concerning Dutch Documentary

They are deeply saddened over how GWSN’s image has been affected.

Dutch documentary Ewout & de Keiharde K-Pop Wereld or Ewout & the Tough K-Pop World is currently under fire due to Ewout Genemans’ rude actions towards the members of Girls in the Park (GWSN).

GWSN’s label, Kiwi Pop, has released an official statement concerning the clips that featured the members.

They stated that they were originally told that the documentary was about K-Pop idols and the broadcasting company wanted to show-off GWSN’s activities as rising stars.

During the fansign, however, the people of the documentary had entered the event without permission from the staff. They proceeded to ask rude questions to the girls, which they had to stop.

They were told that certain scenes would be edited out and would be sent to Kiwi Pop so they could see the final product. However, they broadcasted the documentary without contacting the company for the consent of the use of the clips.

They also learned that the finished product is different from what they were told the documentary was going to be about.

Currently, Kiwi Pop is trying to get in touch with RTL Nederland and Videoland (the companies that produced the documentary) as well as the production team to gather the specifics. They are saddened that GWSN’s image has been damaged due to the contents of the documentary.

They apologize to the Groos, GWSN’s fans, who were hurt by this incident and have promised to be extra careful with further activities.