Gyeongchun Line Forest Road Marked Where BTS RM Stood For Tourists

Wherever RM goes, the place becomes sacred.

They say that the places BTS’ RM goes to always end up becoming sacred places, and this just proves it! Last year, RM posted a photo to the BTS Twitter sharing his visit to Gyeongchun Line Forest Road.

Image result for bts rm GyeongChun Line twitter

The Korea Tourism Organization took this as an opportunity – they marked where he stopped with white footprints and created a photo zone!

This has drawn in not just domestic fans, but also overseas fans to visit the attraction and take photos! The Korea Tourism Organization also tweeted out all other places BTS RM has visited and dubbed it the “Namjoon Tour”. Fans have been traveling to Korea to experience the places BTS’ leader has been in Korea! The places included is Damyang, Chuncheon, Gangneung, Ulsan, Yeosu, and Gyeongju and can all be visited by train.


Source: Insight and OneHallyu