Ha Ji Won Makes Her Debut As An Artist, But Her Artwork Is Eliciting Mixed Reactions From The Public

“I thought my nephew drew this.”

Actress Ha Ji Won has made her debut as an official artist.

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On March 30, Ha Ji Won participated as an abstract artist in an exhibition held at the Cheongdam Showroom Atelier in Seoul. The actress shared a series of three paintings titled, “Super Cow.”

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Ha Ji Won shared that the “Super Cow” series of abstract paintings were meant to “express the characteristics of cattle with bright and intense colors and lines.” She further revealed that she “put positive energy in the cows with the hope that the world will become healthy soon.” 

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It’s been reported that after the exhibit when live, one of the three paintings has since been sold.

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Ha Ji Won has always enjoyed painting as a hobby, but was never able to project her hobby into something more. She has previously shared her work on her personal Instagram page, but that was the extent of it. However, after a long time of persuasion from the exhibition agency, Ha Ji Won finally agreed to hang her paintings in an official art gallery.

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After the release of her artwork, however, the public’s reactions have been mixed. Some have been enjoying her paintings, sharing their support and encouragement with the actress. On the flip side, many have been criticizing the actress’s artwork. Netizens have been claiming that her paintings look like scribbles on a canvas and that she’s only getting attention because of her name.

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  • “Nobody said anything about her painting, but it’s because she’s starting to sell them…”
  • “Being able to sell them is her freedom, but being criticized is also a freedom.”
  • “It seems that she’s using her name, Ha Ji Won a lot.”
  • “I thought my nephew drew this.”
  • “It’s probably because there are people who are willing to pay for this, no? Honestly, it’s because there are rich people out there who buy this. However, I was surprised that one of her paintings sold…”
  • “Who cares if she becomes an artist or not…if there’s criticism for her artwork, does she need a license?”
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Ha Ji Won is not the first celebrity-turned-artist to receive criticisms from the public. Actor Ha Jung Woo and singer Solbi are two other stars who previously shifted their careers to debut as official artists. However, they both also received backlash from the public for their “mediocre” artwork.

Singer Solbi in front of her painting | Yonhap News
Source: Naver News, theqoo and W Korea