Actress Ha Ji Won Reveals The Reason She Rejects Blind Dates And Set Ups

She also has admirable thoughts about marriage.

OG Hallyu queen, Ha Ji Won, recently sat down for an interview with a Korean news outlet. It is well known that many actors and celebrities meet their significant others through introductions made by their friends. Ha Ji Won however, revealed that she rejects blind date offers and set ups.

Although she is open to dating, when she receives suggestions of a blind date, Ha Ji Won is quick to turn them down. She shared that while she appreciates the intentions, she prefers to meet people in natural settings.

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She also made a shocking revelation – she has not yet thought about marriage! Ha Ji Won shared that she does not think about marriage on the regular, and so she has no plans about it yet. Her girl crush side came out as she continued that although she may do so when the time comes, the thought  does not occur to her on the regular.

Ha Ji Won prefers to live her life doing what she wants, such as hobbies, although she wishes to date even without the thought of marriage.

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Ha Ji Won’s latest movie, Pawn, will be released on 29 September 2020. It is a heart-warming tale about a debt collector that is given a young girl as collateral by an illegal immigrant mother. He comes to care for her like a father until the truth behind his job and how they came to be a family comes to light.

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