“Wrestling” Staff Member Claims Ha Na Gyeong Had A Bad Reputation In Light Of Conflict With Kang Eun Bi

“Ha Na Gyeong was a person that caused many issues on set.”

A netizen who claims to have been a staff member of the film Wrestling has shared an online community post exposing Ha Na Gyeong‘s character.

Ha Na Gyeong was recently involved in a conflict with Kang Eun Bi during a live broadcast. Viewers of Kang Eun Bi’s broadcast had called her out for her rude attitude towards Ha Na Gyeong during a phone call, which is when she revealed what Ha Na Gyeong said to her while drunk, leading to their public argument.


On May 7, an alleged staff member of the movie the two stars appeared on, Wrestling, shared a post describing her experience working with both of them.

I was a staff of the film Wresling. I felt unfortunate after seeing the search engines and articles so I decided to leave a post after much thought. Because I was a staff who could see the cast members up close, I’ll state a few accurate facts.

ㅡ Netizen


According to the alleged staff member, Kang Eun Bi seemed to be a friendly person who was always playing games.

Kang Eun Bi was a lead role but she did not come out for filming very often. Even though I didn’t see her often, I could see her personality right away. She was a person who shared the lunchboxes her fans sent her like idols. She always played Nintendo games. The Kang Eun Bi I remember was a quiet and friendly person.

ㅡ Netizen


On the other hand, the netizen claimed that Ha Na Gyeong had a bad reputation, apparently due to various issues she caused on set.

Ha Na Gyeong was a person that caused many issues on set. She halted filming because of her skin troubles and even requested balet parking of the staff members.

ㅡ Netizen


The person concluded by reiterating that only the facts were stated and left a photo to prove their identity as a staff member of Wrestling.

I only wrote the facts of what I saw. I am still working in the film industry and am leaving this post during my business trip abroad. This is a photo taken on our last dinner gathering. It’s proof that I was a staff member.

ㅡ Netizen

Source: Asia Today