A Male Idol’s New Bowl Cut Will Convince You This Hairstyle Is Actually Adorable

Is this a new trend for 2021?

A male idol recently revealed his latest haircut…but it’s not what most people would expect.

The beginnings of an impulsive hair adventure. | @gooreumseng/Instagram

Ha Sungwoon confidently debuted his bowl cut on Instagram!

Human chestnut Sungwoon emerges. | @gooreumseng/Instagram
| @gooreumseng/Instagram

He received comments from various celebrity friends telling him the adorable cut is seriously cute on him.


His hilarious reason for doing it? He revealed he did out of sheer boredom and has nothing to do lately — something many of us can relate to.

There’s no shortage of memes comparing him to chestnuts and more!

Sungwoon as chestnuts. | @cloud_since1994/Twitter
Sungwoon as Cocotein. | @O3____22/Twitter
Sungwoon as Orion Choco Boy. | @O3____22/Twitter



…and after!

He hasn’t changed that much, right?

Whether you’re a fan of Sungwoon’s look or not, you can definitely give him points for originality!