Ha Sungwoon Reveals The Simple Words That Touch His Heart The Most

Sometimes the simplest words have the biggest impact:

Sometimes the simplest words can have the biggest impact on those who hear them and for HOTSHOT and former Wanna One member Ha Sungwoon, some of those “simple” words are what touch his heart the most!

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Sitting down with Esquire for a comment interview, Sungwoon was asked what he likes to hear the most from the public.

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Without pause, he immediately revealed he loved to hear things like “I’ll always be with you.” Although the phrase may seem simple, to Sungwoon the words are anything but!

You know things like ‘I’ll always be with you.’ To some people that may sound easy, but it’s not like they say it in return for something.

— Ha Sungwoon

To him, those words are incredibly special to hear. “It’s heartwarming to hear them say that to me. Just for being myself. The fact that they’re with me is a very warm and reassuring thing to hear. It’s very encouraging,” he further explained.

After talking the phrase, Sungwoon shared a sweet message for Haneul; thanking them for showing him lots of love and support and promising to return the favor as best he can.

Thank you so much for always waiting on me, for all the love and support. I’m always trying my best to return the favor so please keep your trust in me and continue to show support. Thank you so much.

— Ha Sungwoon

Sometimes the simplest words can have the biggest impact! Hear Sungwoon talk about what he likes to hear most and more in the video below: