Haha Apologizes For Cursing In His Post About Late Park Ji Sun Following Her Passing

He apologized for his behavior on Twitter.

The sudden passing of Park Ji Sun and her mother recently devastated friends and fans all over Korea, and those who knew her well posted tributes expressing their shock and mourning regarding the incident.


Haha was one of the celebrity friends who were absolutely shocked by what happened, but his posts online were hit with much criticism.

In his first post, Haha simply expressed his devastation about her passing.

I hope you go to a good place, Ji Sun… Why…? You were our hope…

— Haha

But in a second post, Haha continued to express his sadness while also using a curse word.

I’m so sad right now. **ck, don’t talk to me right now.

— Haha

As soon as Haha was criticized for using inappropriate language while talking about late Park Ji Sun, he formally apologized through the same account.

I apologize for expressing myself the wrong way because I was unable to control my emotions. I’ll get a hold of myself and do my duties. Please take care of yourselves during this difficult time.

— Haha

May Park Ji Sun rest in peace.

Source: Dispatch