Haha Shares The Reason Behind The Awkward Relationship He Has With His Second Son

He relays his apologies to his son, Soul.

Haha is melting the hearts of everyone with his latest Instagram upload.

Entertainer and Running Man castmate, Haha recently uploaded a very cute birthday post for his second son, Soul. The love-filled caption had nothing but adoration for his 5-year-old while revealing his deepest regrets as a father.

My Soul~ My second son, whom I love so much. It was my first time, so I spent a lot of time taking care of my first son, Dream…and Song is the youngest so I took care of her…I was so busy when you were born. I’m realizing I haven’t spent much time with my middle child.

I worked hard in life, but awkwardness has formed between Soul and I…I’m sad because I know you think your dad is just stern…whenever it’s just us two, it’s a little awkward and you do everything you can to get praise. From your silly facial expressions to your laughter, every time I see that I feel sorry…Soul, there’s one truth that will never change and it’s that your life is my life~ Also, I’m so sorry…I will do better!

My second child! Even if you’re don’t excel in your academics, it’s okay. Do everything that you want to do, Soul. (If you can, you should do music! Seek vengeance for your father!) Let’s be healthy, my second child. I love you so so much! Also, happy birthday~~~~~! I hope we become closer quickly.

— @quanhaha79/Instagram

| @quanhaha79/Instagram

The Running Man castmate also shared two other very adorable photos of his sons along with the post. Soul’s birthday is on March 22, making him 5-years-old in South Korea.

| @quanhaha79/Instagram

Haha got married to singer Byul back in 2012 and had their first son, Dream in 2013. Soul was born 4 years later in 2017 and then the couple expanded their adorable family even further when they had their daughter, Song in 2019.

Source: WikiTree and SE Daily