Haha May Have A Solution To Idol Dating Scandals And It’s So Unheard Of That It Might Work

He might be onto something here.

Dating scandals have always been a huge part of the K-Pop industry due to the immense popularity of the nation’s favorite artists. However, dating has become even more secreted as the backlash becomes a pattern when stars publicize their relationships. Naturally, stars do their best to ensure their relationships stay private in an effort to minimize the hateful reactions.

In the midst of all that, there is one celebrity who believes that everyone should just publicize their relationships — and it is none other than Haha.


On the most recent episode of YouTube‘s Doo Tap Nom, the topic of dating came up amongst the hosts and the guest. It all began when Park Joon Hyung admitted to having a dating “scandal” back in his prime g.o.d days when the host, Park Myung Soo asked him about it.

Park Joon Hyung | @StudioLuluLala/YouTube

I did have a scandal…no I just dated her.

— Park Joon Hyung

It was following his admittance that the veteran idol shared that dating shouldn’t be viewed as a “scandal” since it’s a natural part of life. Park Joon Hyung went even further by revealing that while he had to hide his relationship, he had no intention of doing so!

It’s not a sin for people to date. Honestly, I didn’t even want to hide it back then. Dating between a man and a woman is a very natural thing to do.

— Park Joon Hyung

It was following his cool response that Haha couldn’t help but share his honest opinions on the dating culture in the Korean entertainment industry.

Haha (right).

This is my hope. I want all of the idols who are in relationships and all of their agencies to come together — and all at once, they publicize their relationships.

— Haha

Haha then shared with Park Myung Soo and Park Joon Hyung the exact reason why he believes this is the most effective method. He confessed it’s because “a lot of them are already dating.”

It’s because a lot of them are already dating. I know this for a fact!

— Haha

The Running Man cast member even had a detailed plan for all of the idols’ agencies.

On the same day, at the same time, these agencies can all gather together to publicize the relationships.

— Haha

Haha’s same mindset applied for any potential breakups that could happen to some of the couples.

And same with breakups. If there are about 50 couples, you can release all of the breakups at once too.

— Haha

He concluded his passionate piece by stating that he truly believes this is the only way the current day idols will experience “freedom.”

If we do this, don’t you think there will be more freedom…

— Haha

We love how Haha always looks out for his idol hoobaes. Check out the segment in question down below!